Why dogs?

There are so many good reasons to start with dogs, and we say start as this very different concept can be used by other equally worthy causes.

Dogs make up the greatest number of domestic pets on the planet. There are estimates of between 600 to 800 million dogs in the world and around 250 to 350 million dog owners (and these are very conservative estimates). Dogs have been domesticated for over 8,000 years; they live alongside us, share our homes, comfort us, guide us and will willingly risk their lives to protect us.

Dogs are truly the most loyal and trustworthy friend and ally to Man, so what better way to honour them than to unite to show them the care and respect that they deserve and have earned over countless generations of partnership and love. The respect and care we show for these dogs helps to bring about respect and caring for each other and our world.

DOG vision – A world where every dog is treated with respect and care.

Won’t you be taking away funding from dog rescue organisations already there?

No, we are complementing the work they do so well currently, but simply lack the funding to scale up. Remember we are asking just US$10 per year. We will also use our reach and influence to encourage people to support their local rescue organisations also. We will encourage our supporters to continue to support their local or favourite rescue organisations and with our reach we will be able to increase the fundraising capability of the great organisations they support.

Where does the money go?  

This is one of the most important questions you (and we) would ask any organisation we wish to support and our answer lays at the heart of everything we will do and will stand for with the DOG Foundation. Our commitment is that every single dollar raised by your donations will go towards dog rescue projects.

All overhead costs to run the organisation will be raised through sponsorship. With a large support base of thousands, and over time millions, we can generate corporate sponsorship and advertising. This funding model for the organisation’s overhead costs is successfully used by other organisations and charities and it leaves no doubt for the donors that every dollar they give goes towards effective dog rescue projects.

Further reassurance comes through our commitment to total, open transparency of all money coming in and all money going out through live ‘real-time’ accounts open to everyone on our website.

Will you rescue dogs directly?

No, we will be purely a targeted project funding organisation. Our goal is to unite all dog people globally to raise funds to finance the best projects with the best rescue organisations around the globe. These organisations are in the field already. They understand the environment they are in and they have the skills and support to do their work. What they lack are the resources and funds to scale their operations. That is where we, with you, come in.

How much of the money raised will go in to projects?

100% of the money raised will go towards dog rescue projects. Our longer term goal is to have less than 10% of the world’s dog owners as supporters of the DOG Foundation. That is an ultimate target of 15 million supporters each being asked to give just a single US$10 donation each year. Ultimately 15 million supporters donating $10 per year gives us a project funding budget of $150 million. That is a great deal of Dogs saved!

The concept behind DOG is firstly about the numbers of dog caring supporters we have behind us, then it is about the number of projects we can fund from the funds raised. Each and every supporter of DOG increases our exposure, attracts more supporters, including high profile influencers and that gives us the scale to attract large corporate sponsorship and advertising funds to run the organisation and add extra support to projects with product sponsorship, transport, food and equipment.

Our success comes from our numbers and that is how we can really make an impact on the suffering of thousands and ultimately millions of dogs lives.

People power can achieve anything!

When will DOG be ready to fund projects?

We have now established the DOG foundation trust and are currently applying for charitable status.

The answer to this question is the unique and very different concept behind DOG:

Supporters first – We want our first 1 million supporters to tick the ‘we’re in’ box on our website, once we launch.

Money second – Once our millionth supporter ticks the box this will activate a request to make the $10 donation and we begin funding our first projects.

Whilst our DOG foundation call for supporters goes viral and numbers start building we will be putting in place the systems and processes that will manage the selection of projects and then the funding of these.

Our steadily growing list of supporters is also what gives us the leverage to gain the sponsorship, advertising and endorsements which will fund the running of the DOG Foundation.

Our success is driven by our number of supporters, it’s that simple. We know there are hundreds of millions of dog owners and many other dog loving people around the globe. We need just a small percentage of these people to embrace a concept that can not just make a small dent in the suffering of dogs, but can actually start to tackle the cause of the terrible suffering we see. There are thousands of great rescue organisations struggling to fund their work and for the most part they cannot scale their operations to start reducing the problem, they can barely keep up with it and in many places they are losing the fight.

How is the money managed?

All expenditure is approved through a process that will involve a number of people with every dollar in and out being visible through the live accounts at all times. The systems and processes will ensure that all project funding and all expenditure will go through a set procedure of approval involving a number of people. There will be regular audits to ensure no deviation of this process. The website will be your window of transparency. All supporters can see all spending with live current accounts visible at all times through the website.

Every dollar donated will go towards funding projects.

$15 sterilises a dog and stops potentially thousands being born to suffer terrible lives. Every dollar is food in a starving dog’s stomach or sees an unwanted dog being adopted into a loving, safe home. That is the greatest reward possible!

Why are you doing this?

Because we care deeply about what is happening to dogs around the world. It’s heartbreaking to see the terrible suffering of these intelligent, loyal companions. While many individuals give generously to many organisations, it is only ever enough to treat some of the symptoms, not the cause of the suffering. What is required is a specialist; targeted global funding solution and that lies with the hundreds of millions of ‘dog people’ across the world. As one person, or a few, we are very limited in what we can achieve. United as one, we can change the world for dogs and for other causes to follow.

What’s in it for us and for you?

We have something in common, a love and respect for dogs, also a sense of hopelessness and sadness when we witness (often online) the horrendous treatment and suffering of many dogs. But we also share a strong desire to see all dogs treated with the care and respect we know they all deserve.

The return in making a difference and an impact is the joy in seeing every dog that has been sterilised, fed, rescued, healed and rehomed.

The reward is in knowing that by uniting in large numbers we can make real change, stop the horrendous suffering and put a smile back on every dog’s face!

Who is behind you?

To establish the foundation we have hand picked some talented and dedicated dog people as our Trustees from a range of backgrounds and life skills. They bring skills with governance, law, accounting, marketing, design, IT, web design and writing. They are very capable business people in their own right, so this is about them giving their time, experience and broad range of skills freely to make a difference for the love of dogs everywhere.

Who are the decision makers when it comes to approving projects?

There is also a volunteer ‘Board of Trustees’ who will oversee with governance, strategy and provide scrutiny around the transparency of all project spending.

We will have a DOG Foundation ‘Operations Team’ based in Wellington, New Zealand and supported by a volunteer ‘Board of Advisors’ who will assist and advise regularly and particularly to monitor that all objectives are being met.  We will also appoint industry expert advisors who will review the ‘highest return’ projects each month to give final sign-off for funding within each month’s allocated budget.

How many projects can you fund?

Initially we will activate the donation process once we reach our first million supporters, this would give us our first $10 million to tackle projects over a full year with around $1 million allocated to projects each month. During this time with ongoing project success and publicity we will continue to grow our supporters’ network toward the next million supporters’ target, then donations and onwards 1 million supporters at a time towards the goal of 15 million supporters globally (which is less than 10% of dog owners in the Western world).

Our ultimate, longer term aspirational funding target (achieved through our 15 million supporters’ network plus boosted significantly by additional fundraising and specialist industry products and services) is US$200 million per annum.

At this point we will be able to distribute around $16 million each month to projects. If we take an average project cost as around US$20,000, we will fund around 750 major projects each and every month when fully operational.

That’s around 9,000 major projects funded each year and that is thousands of stray dogs sterilised, thousands saved from starvation, a terrible life and often-horrific end.

Now that is going to make a huge dent in the suffering and ultimately it will see us achieve both our Vision and our Mission:

DOG’s Vision: A world where every dog is treated with respect and care

DOG’s Mission: To relieve suffering and support change through education on a global scale.

How will the projects be managed?

Each project that qualifies under the strict ‘effectiveness and efficiency’ requirements and is then approved will have a detailed plan and timeline provided for everyone to see and follow on the ‘current project’ section of our website.  

A qualified ‘Project Supervisor’ DOG representative (where possible a local partnership) would be on the ground to oversee the project with the organisation to ensure the project is managed effectively and completed. They and the organisation will report on progress and funds will be released in stages and only once regular ‘key performance indicators’ have been met. The organisation will be required to file weekly updates, with photos/videos which will go on the website to show all supporters the project in progress. Once the objectives are met and the project completed it will move from the ‘current’ projects section of the website to the ‘completed’ projects section of the website. This will show the ongoing number of dogs that have directly benefited from all projects along with photos and videos. Any organisation whose ‘project’ application does not meet the required standards and conditions around transparency, processes and reporting will not qualify for project funding.

How will you police organisations’ spending?

All ‘approved’ organisations will be required to give our funding auditors direct access to all their spending. This is a matter of good faith, transparency and trust and any organisation that is not prepared to share this information would not have projects approved. That is their choice, but we would not anticipate any major problem with this as all these organisations are there because they want the best for the dogs, as do we.

Can this concept to make a significant impact on dog suffering work?  

Yes, providing we can share this message of hope and change and reach out to millions of the world’s dog owners and the many more millions who care and have compassion and empathy for Man’s best friend.

So here is how this can work –

1.If you have a dog you love or if you just like dogs and can’t stomach the appallingly brutal and desperately sad lives so many dogs endure, then you are one of millions who feel this way.

2.Then all we ask at this stage is that you do FOUR simple things –

1st – Go to the (to be launched) website and simply tick the ‘I’m in’ supporters box and leave your contact email. (NO donation is asked for)

2nd – Please share our message and encourage everyone you know who cares about ‘a’ dog or all dogs to tick the ‘I’m in’ box.

3rd – Keep an eye on the website and supporters numbers and help us reach our first target of 1 million supporters on board for this journey with DOG.

4th – Once we hit the magic million supporters, we will ask you to make your online donation of just US$10 to the DOG Foundation.

All donations will be visible as they come in and all funds will be held securely and visibly. All donations will be watched over by a professional team of people with skills, integrity, good reputations and history and especially with a genuine love of dogs.  

If you can afford to give just US$10 a year to be a part of something profound that will directly stop the terrible suffering of thousands of dogs, then you are one of millions we want on this journey with the DOG Foundation.

3.If you believe that this is worth doing and that together we can make a huge impact and if you have the belief that we (just like you) are committed to making this work then you can be one of the millions who can make it work.

Together we have the numbers, passion and the will to really put a stop to some awful suffering, we can show caring and compassion that can be an example to all the world and show that we can succeed!

For the love of a Dog!

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