Why dogs?

There are so many good reasons to start with dogs, and we say start, as this organisation can provide a template for others to provide a similar specialist support for rescue organisations in the field.

Dogs make up the greatest number of domestic pets on the planet. There are over 600 million dogs in the world and more than 250 million dog owners (and these are very conservative estimates). Dogs have been domesticated for over 8,000 years; they live alongside us, share our homes, comfort us, guide us and even die to protect us.

Dogs are truly the most loyal and trustworthy ally to man on this earth, so what better way to honour them than to unite to show them the care and respect that they deserve and have earned. The respect and care we show for these dogs brings about respect and caring for each other.

DOG vision – A world where every dog is treated with respect and care.

Won’t you be taking away funding from dog rescue organisations already there?

No, we are complementing what they do so well currently, but most simply lack the funding to scale up. Remember we are asking just US$10 per year. We will use our reach to encourage people to support their local rescue organisations also. We will encourage our supporters to continue to support their local or favourite rescue organisations and with our reach we will be able to increase the fundraising capability of these great organisations.

Where does the money go?

This is one of the most important questions and the answer is at the heart of everything we will do and be absolutely resolute about. Every single dollar possible will be directed to projects to save dogs. The organisation must be run very effectively and efficiently to ensure we maximise the return of dogs saved for dollars spent. To do this we must employ highly competent, skilled and experienced people in the organisation. To get the very best people we will pay a realistic market rate. We cannot expect people to work for nothing and we cannot manage high-level roles with well meaning volunteers. This is unfair on them and unrealistic to sustainably manage a global charity this way.

Fully resourced we will require less than 10% of the budget to run the organisation globally and this will be further reduced through sponsorship. Advertising, sales and donations, means over 90% will go directly into projects.

There will be total openness and transparency of all money in and money out through live accounts on our website.

Do you rescue dogs directly?

No, we are a funding organisation. Our goal is to unite all dog people globally to raise funds to finance the best projects with the best rescue organisations around the globe. These organisations are in the field already. They understand the environment they are in and they have the skills and support to do their work. What they lack are the resources and funds to scale their operations. That is where we come in.

We will also be a powerful united voice for advocating change. We will unite the voices of more than 15 million dog people to assist in campaigns to end the dog meat trade, end dog fighting and to strengthen laws to punish and stop the hideous cruelty we know exists.

How much of the money raised will go into projects?

Our aim is to collect US$200 million each year. This will come from our goal of 15 million supporter donations with each person paying just US$10 per year. Along with corporate support and sponsorship, equipment and services donated, advertising and sales from DOG merchandise. Early figures indicate we can efficiently and prudently manage the foundation with between 7-10% of income. We reasonably expect more than 90% of the funds raised will be applied to a huge number of projects every month. That figure would be unmatched by most if not nearly all other charities.

Money held in the DOG trust account until it is used will also earn interest. This would earn up to an additional $3 million, which will fund a good portion of the organisations running costs.

When will it be ready to fund projects?

We are currently establishing the trust and going out to dog people around the world to ask their support. The website will be built shortly from funds donated in NZ. We will then begin to build the supporter numbers and pledges for a US$10 yearly donation. The foundation will be based in Wellington, New Zealand, and once we begin the membership donation appeal we will also begin recruiting the DOG team we will need to manage the organisation, mostly online. We will also begin to build the list of dog rescue organisations around the world that will go through an approval process with the foundation to then be eligible to receive project funding. We have put in place the trustee board and an advisory board and will appoint a Project Approvals Panel, which will approve the projects to be funded. We will be working towards approving providers and funding projects, as soon the supporters’ funds are sufficient. We are hopeful this will be by mid-2018.

Who controls the money?

At no time can a single person (or a few people) authorise any payments. The systems and processes will ensure that all project funding and support expenditure will go through a set procedure of approval by a number of people with all spending being regularly audited to ensure no deviation of this process. The website will be the window of transparency. All supporters can see all spending with live current accounts visible at all time through the web site. Like you, we want to see as much funding as possible going towards projects that save dogs. Every $15 sterilises a dog and stops potentially thousands being born to suffer terrible lives. Every dollar is food in a starving dogs mouth. Every dollar possible should go towards seeing dogs being adopted into loving, safe homes. That is the greatest reward possible!

Why are you doing this?

Because we care deeply about what is happening to dogs around the world. It is heartbreaking to see the terrible suffering of these intelligent, loyal companions. While individuals giving to various organisations is important it is only enough to treat the symptoms, not the cause. What is required is a specialist; targeted global funding solution and that lies with the hundreds of millions of ‘dog people’ across the world. As one we are very limited, united as one we can change the world for dogs and for others to follow.

What’s in it for you?

We have something in common, a love of dogs and a desire to see all dogs given the care and respect we know they all deserve. The return is the achievement of seeing every dog that has been rescued, rehomed or sterilised, healed and fed. The joy and satisfaction in having a powerful global voice for change, to stop the dog meat trade, to bring in tougher laws for the abuse and exploitation of dogs.

To see a smile on every dog’s face!

Who is behind you?

To establish the foundation we have hand picked some talented and dedicated dog people from a range of backgrounds and life skills. They bring skills with governance, law, accounting, marketing, design, IT, web design, fundraising and writing. They are very capable business people in their own right, so this is about them giving their time, experience and broad range of skills freely to make a difference for the love of dogs everywhere.

Who are the decision makers when it comes to approving projects?

We will have a DOG Foundation ‘Operations Team’ based in Wellington and supported by a ‘Board of Advisors’ who will assist and advise regularly and particularly to monitor that all objectives are being met. There is a ‘Board of Trustees’ who will oversee with governance and provide scrutiny and checks over all overhead and project spending. We will also appoint an industry expert ‘Project Approvals Panel’ including a number of high profile influencers who will review the ‘highest return’ projects each month to give final sign-off for funding within each month’s allocated budget.

How many projects can you fund?

Our goal through membership and additional fundraising is US$200 million per annum. Less total running costs of around 5-7% or roughly $10-14 million we will be able to distribute around $15 million each month to projects. If we take an average project cost as around US$20,000 we will fund around 750 major projects each and every month around the world!

That’s around 9,000 major projects funded each year and that is thousands of dogs saved from a terrible life and often-horrific end. Now that is going to make a huge dent in the suffering and ultimately it will see us achieve both our Vision and our Mission, which are:

DOG Vision: A world where every dog is treated with respect and care

DOG Mission: To relieve suffering and influence significant change on a global scale.

How will the projects be managed?

Each project that qualifies and is approved will have a detailed plan for delivering the stated objectives. An expert ‘project’ related DOG representative (where possible a local) would be on the ground to work with the organisation to ensure funded projects are managed effectively. They will report on progress and funds will be released in stages and only when required key performance indicators are met. The organisation will be required to file weekly updates, with photos which will go on the website to show all supporters the work in progress. Once the objectives are met and the final funds are paid, the project will be profiled on the website as completed on the website and then will be placed in the completed projects section of the website. This will show the number of dogs that have directly benefited from the project and be accompanied by photos and videos. Any organisation that does not meet the required standards and conditions around transparency will not qualify for project funding.

How will you police organisations’ spending?

All ‘approved’ organisations will be required to give our auditors direct access to all their spending. This is a matter of good faith, transparency and trust and any organisation that is not prepared to share this information would not be approved. That is their choice, but we would not anticipate any problem with this as all these organisations are there because they want the best for the dogs, as we do.

Can this actually work?

We are all continually bombarded by requests for time, help or money and to manage this onslaught we let everything that does not totally resonate with us go by. This is how we cope and it is understandable.

So here is how this can work -

1. If you have a dog you love, if you like dogs, or if you just hate seeing the appallingly brutal and desperately sad lives lived by so many dogs, then you are one of millions who do.

2. If you can afford to give US$10 a year to be a part of something profound that will directly stop the terrible suffering of thousands of dogs, then you are one of millions who can.

3. If you believe that this is possible, if you believe that this is worth doing and if you believe that we are committed to making this work then you can be one of the millions who can make it work.

4. If you believe that we are trustworthy, if you believe we will be transparent and if you believe we have no motive other than to help the very best and most appropriate providers vastly scale the great work they do then join us to make it happen.

You won’t want to let this chance to really make an impact go by.

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